Presenting with Impact


This dynamic, highly interactive and practical two-day online workshop is designed for lecturers who want to develop their lecturing and/or public speaking skills and take them to a new level. The workshop is participant driven and delegates are encouraged to share their experience, knowledge and skills.

A key part of the workshop will be spent developing, delivering and evaluating presentations. These could be part of a lecture or a public speech that participants have given or will give in the future. Alternatively, delegates are welcome to work on subjects provided by the facilitator.

The workshop is designed to both sharpen core presentation skills and integrate these into the work of a lecturer whether it is lecturing to home or international students, or speaking at an international conference.

The course will refresh and build on current skills, teach new ways of thinking with a more international approach (increasing intercultural awareness to connect more effectively with international audiences), and build self-confidence in all presenting scenarios whether they are online or ‘live’.


  • explore the differences between presenting online or ‘live’.
  • develop a more critical approach to your work as presenters.
  • increase your awareness of intercultural competence.
  • design and develop effective presentations that speak to international audiences.
  • grow self-confidence, presence and connection when addressing international audiences.
  • increase confidence when presenting lectures or papers in English.


This online workshop includes time for offline work to enable you to practice the discussed content and deepen your knowledge. Specific tasks for these offline times will be supplied by the trainers and the results will be analysed in the following online part.

In the event that you need to prepare for the workshop in advance you will be contacted by the trainers before the session.

The Arbeitseinheiten you gain refer to the tasks you deal with online and offline.
You will receive necessary login details in sufficient time before the workshop.


Do. 08.04.2021:    09:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Fr. 09.04.2021:    09:00 - 17:00 Uhr


John Waterman
Andrew Weale (Trainers, Coaches and Authors)


Online-Seminar + SLZ

Zertifikat Hochschullehre

Präsentation und Kommunikation: 16.5 AE


Intern: 300,00 € (Teilnehmende aus den Mitglieds-/Partnerhochschulen)

Extern: 780,00 € (Teilnehmende, die nicht einer Mitglieds-/Partnerhochschule angehören)